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I am four weeks pregnant today and wanted to add my symptoms. I have been reading your site for several months and the symptoms helped me to identify what was everyday occurences and what were potential signs. Thank you for this site. 4DPO - dip in temp from 98.5 to 98.2, likely estrogen surge from ovulation 7DPO - egg white mucous 8dpo - irritiable! unfortunately a bit normal for me :) 9dpo ...

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I had a small dip in temp at 10 DPO. My temps were higher and more steady the cycle I got pregnant. They day I should have got my period my temp was still high, so I took a test and got a positive. So I would say that my temps did sort of indicate pregnancy, but it probably just as easily could have been a BFN cycle.

I had a temperature drop on my 7dpo. it went from 98.4 to 98. i have no pregnancy symptoms. does the drop in temp signify i will get af?

5-6 DPO - Tugging behind belly button, caught a cold. Intense runny nose. VERY tired. Temp drop 7 DPO - Cold instantly dissapears?? Sore breasts begin. morning of 7 DPO I wake up and look in the mirror and my breasts are darker, blue purpulish veins, like spider veins appear. I just know that I am. 8 DPO- Gums begin bleeding when I brush my teeth. BBT temp drop at 12 DPO...then rise again??? ... I was all ready to throw in the towel when I tested 2 days ago and got that BFN and then i saw that temp drop. I just ...

ugh temp drop at 3dpo. ... Dont worry about a drop at 3dpo....its only the temps at the end of your cycle that really matter! I always get a temp drop at 3-4 dpo ...

I had a huge drop at 9 DPO last month. My temp stayed just above my coverline for a few days and my period showed up 13 DPO. ... considering the temp drop at 4DPO the ...

My cover line is 97.4. I O'd on May 22-23. My temps have been nice and high since OV at about 99.4 at the highest. On 14 dpo my temp went from 98.9 13 dpo to 97.6 14 dpo. I was sure AF was on her way! I started cramping and then had a very wet feeling down there that made me check myself. I had a temperature drop on my 7dpo. it went from 98.4 to 98. i have no pregnancy symptoms. does the drop in temp signify i will get af? I'm on DPO 12 today. Woke up to massive temp drop, below cover line. Was a bit fed up so decided to test to clear my mind ready for the next cycle. I was very surprised to get 2 BFPs!! fR and clearblue. I don't know what what to think. Everything I read says a dip that big isn't good news. Plus, I've had a nagging discomfort in left side since ...

Today I am 8dpo. My temps had been rising every day since O, until today. My temp dropped .1 degree. Very few symptoms: Need to eat every two hours (which is not terribly unusual for me, but it is a little more intense than usual) Major mood swings yesterday...too early to tell today (: I didn't have any early symptoms with DD until 6 weeks.

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